Tile and Masonry Saw Water Pump
Tile & Masonry Saw Water Pump

Tile and Masonry Saw Water Pump

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Tile and Masonry Saw Heavy Duty Water Pump by Beckett is supplied as original equipment by major wet saw manufacturers MK, De-Walt, Husqvarna, Target, Felker, etc. The Beckett tile & masonry saw water pump can be used as a replacement for any tile or masonry saw. This Beckett pump is made for tile and masonry saws with a special internal screen for filtering tile and marble particles out that destroy standard pumps. Do not use standard water pumps with tile and masonry saws. Has a large round screen intake filter. Permanently sealed, the pump can be operated in any position and won’t burn up. Delivers 110 gallons per hour on a 1’ lift. Operates on 115 VAC through a 6’ 18/3 wire, water-resistant cord. UL and C.S.A listed.