Tile and Masonry Saw Water Pump
Tile & Masonry Saw Water Pump

Tile and Masonry Saw Water Pump

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Tile and Masonry Saw Heavy Duty Water Pump by Beckett is supplied as original equipment by major wet saw manufacturers MK, De-Walt, Husqvarna, Target, Felker, etc. The Beckett tile & masonry saw water pump can be used as a replacement for any tile or masonry saw. This Beckett pump is made for tile and masonry saws with particles in it. Do not use standard water pumps with tile and masonry saws. Has a large round screen intake filter. Permanently sealed, the pump can be operated in any position and won’t burn up. Delivers 110 gallons per hour on a 1’ lift. Operates on 115 VAC through a 6’ 18/3 wire, water-resistant cord. UL and C.S.A listed.