PG 280 FLOOR GRINDER 220-240V-1phase US
Flooring Removal Tool - PG 280 Floor Grinder 220V

PG 280 FLOOR GRINDER 220-240V-1phase US

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PG 280 is a 3HP single disc floor grinder that you can quickly convert for edge grinding on both sides. It efficiently grinds adhesives, paint, epoxy, and spackle. With a grinding width of 11 in. it is suitable for small to medium concrete areas. It is available in a 1-phase version. Designed to facilitate an ergonomic work position, it is easy and convenient to use. The machine is light and compact and, therefore, easy to transport and set-up.
  • Quick conversion to edge grinding Easily removable lid covers and wheel setting enables quick conversion to edge grinding on both sides. No tools are required. Allows an upright work position.
  • Easy removal Offers efficient grinding of adhesive, paint, epoxy, and spackle. 
  • Easy to transport and set-up The machine is light and fits easily in any car thanks to the compact design and foldable frame and dividable parts. 
  • Easy to use The speed is fixed and no settings are required. The machine also has a user-friendly logical control panel with overload protection.

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