Tiling Tools & Ceramic Tile Tools Page update
We have updated our Tiling Tools & Ceramic Tile Tools page for desktop and mobile viewing and ordering.
This is our ceramic tile tools category page display.
Ceramic Tile Tools

Ceramic tile tools page above changes when viewing through your mobile phone. The view through the mobile gives you only categories with drop-down menu without a picture. Seen Below.

Ceramic Tile Tools Mobile

We have added a content page called Tiling Tools to be used for mobile phone purchases. Tiling tools page connects to all ceramic tile tools categories. Tiling tools page displays a picture and a text link below to the giving categories. Here is how Tiling Tools page displays on the desktop.

Tiling Tools Desktop

Above you see the desktop version of Tiling Tools display. When view on a mobile device you will see a single picture that is linked and text linked below to the designated categories.

Tiling Tools Mobile

This user-friendly mobile page eliminates the 1 step of clicking on categories to see the images. Making a faster purchase for mobile phone users.

Thank You 
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